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Below stated the terms and condition for the uses of the portal also the right and obligations when access and/or using the portal services, is also an acknowledgement and agreement to obey all the rules and with that, it will form an agreement between the consumer and with us for accessing the portal.

These conditions will supersede with the old ones that you have agree through the portal. To uses and/or access to the portal services claims that you have agree in the term and condition that require.

Responsibilities Limitation
You clearly have understood and agree that we won’t be responsible for any loses, directly or indirectly, related or not, claim or exemplary which included but there are no limitation to any funds loses, trust or other loses that causes by:

  1. The usage and disability for using the services.
  2. The purchasing cost and service replacement such as product purchasing, data, information or services or message that have been accepted or transaction that have been done through the portal.
  3. To access without any permeations or changes in your data.
  4. Statement or action from the third party in the website portal.
  5. Other that contains in this portal.

We provide a link to other portal as well. The website will be conduct by the third party and by that; we don’t have any control to any other portal. You have acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible to any other portal or outside sources and will not support or responsible to any information, advertising, product or any items that are available on the site. You have also agree that we are not responsible direct or indirectly for any damage or loses regarding trust that are associated with the product, information, items or services that contain in the portal.

We can terminate your access at any services or the whole services provided and any other services that are related at any time, with or without reason, notice or without notice and will be force immediately. We are also allowed to terminate or suspend your account that is not active, which will define as a failure to access the portal using the account that has been given. You have agreed that we are responsible to you or any third party for the termination of the services.

Changes Toward The Term And Condition Services
We have the authorities to make any changes, upgrade, termination, or addition to the term and condition apply at any time without any notice. Even thought, in an emergency situation or the safety of the portal or outside control, where we see that there are changes that need to be made, upgrading, termination, or information addition will be done without any notice given. This has been agree that when accessing and understanding the term and conditions from time to time to know the changes that need to be made, upgrading, termination, or information addition will be done without any notice given. you have also agree and accept that by accessing this portal using the condition (changes that need to be made, upgrading, termination, or information addition will be done without any notice given).

Changes To The Services
We have the authorities to change or terminate the services (or part of the services) by permanent or not at any time without notice. You have agreed that we are not responsible to you or the third party for the changes, termination, or suspension that has been made.

Topic that will be used for references and will be taken as an interpretation for the rules.

If there are any broken law or false accusation or the term and condition present and now the broken law will be isolated and these rules will be define as not valid or do not exist and all rules will be force entirely without damaging the law or invalid.

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