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TH Foundation Objectives

The objects for which the Yayasan is established are:-

  • To provide humanitarian aid to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity in response to humanitarian crisis during natural disasters, man-made disasters, including war, famine by providing fund, donation, contribution to the underprivileged, the poor and needy, food aid, health care or protection and setting up of welfare centres.
  • To uplift of general education by undertaking funding, maintaining and granting scholarship to Malaysians.
  • To promote and undertake research in Islamic scholarship, Islamic banking, medical and other branches of Syariah law that will accord direct benefits to the Malaysian public and the global community.


Board of Trustees

Member of the Board of Trustees comprised of the Honourable TH, Chairman of TH, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of TH and two (2) external trustees who are not related to the foundation and founder of YTH which will be appointed as Board of Trustees of YTH.

  1. Y.Bhg. Dato' Andri Aidham Bin Dato' Ahmad Badri
  2. YM Raja Azura Binti Raja Mahayuddin


TH Foundation Logo

TH Foundation maintains the original logo of TH in its own logo to show that TH Foundation was established by TH and as an effort put forth by TH to realize the vision and mission of TH. Likewise, TH Foundation also uphold the Islamic identity of TH.

The concept of pencil tip and shoots(leaf) signify YTH’s activities that focusing on the development of education towards excellence as they are the future leaders and mukmin professional.

The shoot(leaf) also symbolizes the shelter or protection given by the YTH to those who are in need of assistance and contribution.

Green indicates growth and life, while black is a symbol of strength and power.

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