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    Saturday Jamadilakhir 19 1440
    Saturday 23 February 2019

    Program Ziarah Kasih Ramadan (PZKR)

    Program Ziarah Kasih Ramadan (PZKR) is a donation program to asnaf, poor and needy people in conjunction with the Ramadan month. It is a community activity conducted by TH Foundation. At the same time, the PZKR is able to introduce and promote the TH Foundation to the public throughout the country.

    The program has been running for 27 days from 28th May 2017, 2 Ramadan 1438H until 23rd June 2017, 27 Ramadhan 1438H involving more than 90,000 people in sixty-two (62) selected area throughout the country. Each selected area will be allocated a sum of RM300,000.00 for which donations will be awarded between 1,000 to 3,000 recipients amongst the asnaf and the less fortunate.

    The pure efforts undertaken by the TH Foundation have received assistance and support from various parties, whether government agencies, private companies and NGOs. There are also parties who also contribute funds for the success of this program.

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